“I feel like a baby bird that’s just been pushed of the cliff into a swarm of angry seagulls” – anon

So today marks one week since I graduated from Uni. And, surprisingly, I’ve actually achieved more in the last week than I managed the entire month I had previously been at home for.

In the last week both Will and I have secured full-timer jobs in Harrogate, by some miraculous post-graduation luck. Which means in the coming weeks we will be thinking about moving to Harrogate.

My position is at The Majestic Hotel, which is essentially Harrogate’s answer to The Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s absolutely huge, the kitchen is about four times the size of my house.

However despite all the excitement over the size of the hotel an it’s relevance to Wes Anderson’s candy floss hotel, I must admit I am a bit apprehensive. I had hoped post-graduation would see the end of my years as a waitress, however the last few weeks have been a struggle. I tend to struggle with having so much free time. Most people seem able to organise their free time into neat little drawers each labelled with hobbies, projects, career building etc I find free time seems to drain me. I become moping , bores and filled to the brim with self-pity. I nee something to keep me busy, for my own sake.

And that is what I hope to get out of the next few weeks at The Majestic Hotel. Something which will force me to galvanize myself, find my feet so I can take the nest few step, or fall through the gulls.